First steps Project – Overview


The aim of our project is to develop, evaluate and disseminate a Package of tools in order to help adult socio-economic immigrants from three Candidate countries (TR, RO, BG) integrate to their host countries and more specifically to DE, IT, GR, improve their potential of employability and help them play an active role in their new societies. Our goal is to provide these specific groups of new immigrants with basic language communication skills and cultural and historical elements of their host countries through an innovative and attractive method of autonomous learning. Aiming to make their “first steps” to their new countries easier and more effective and therefore fasten their integration.
Our package of flexible tools consists of: three bilingual, contemporary Phrasebooks including dictionaries (one for each second language taught: DE, IT, EL), three Grammar books including Pronunciation guidance for the relevant languages, three books including cultural and historical information for each host country and finally, three Audio CDs including native speaker’s pronunciation. Also, our project is supported by this Web Site translated into seven languages (DE, IT, EL, TR, RO, BG, EN) and by a Forum for online communication of immigrants and immigrant organizations.