The Main Objectives

Our project aims:
1) To help adult immigrants from TR, RO, and BG integrate better to their host countries (DE, IT, GR) by acquiring basic language communication skills and learn the culture and traditional heritage of the destination countries.
2) To help immigrants from the above countries play a full and active role in their new societies.
3) To improve their potential of employability by acquiring language skills.
4) To fight against racism and xenophobia and give immigrants a better chance for their “first steps” to their host countries.
5) To develop an attractive and innovative method of learning in order to motivate them by including a combination of tools (printing materials, audio CDs and Internet feedback).
6) To promote autonomous learning, since immigrants have hardly time for entering language courses.
7) To strengthen links among old EC members and Candidate members.
8) To test our products on groups of relevant immigrants & evaluate and disseminate the results of our project across Europe.
Our project expects to contribute to the faster integration of immigrants from TR, RO, BG to their host countries (DE, IT, GR) by providing them tools for language acquisition and history & culture familiarization and by disseminating the results to relevant institutions all over Europe.
Also, our project aims to provide a “model project” for other countries too that have high percentages of inward immigration.