Target Groups

The target groups that will benefit from our project are new adult immigrants from three candidate countries TR, RO, BG that will acquire basic language communication skills in three languages (DE, IT, EL respectively) and learn the history and culture of their host countries (DE, IT, GR). Also, the host countries (DE, IT, GR) will benefit from the immigrants’ fast integration. In addition, we expect other countries that have high immigration rates to benefit from the dissemination of a “model” project.

Our autonomous didactic materials (printing materials, audio CDs and Web platform) target the adult new immigrants from TR, RO and BG that have just entered /or planning to enter to DE, IT and GR. The organizations that form our partnership are working with /or having relations with our target groups of immigrants and also have links with other organizations that support those target groups. Our project plans to distribute its outputs to selected number of immigrants, in order to monitor their progress and evaluate their learning. As our didactic materials are based on autonomous learning, immigrants will use the outputs at their homes and at the end of the pilot application period, language teachers will evaluate their progress through language tests. From the results of the pilot application, we will develop reports & statistics that we will upload to our Web.