Pedagogical and Didactical Approaches

The main goal of our Project is to help our target groups of new adult immigrants integrate faster to their host countries. In order to achieve our goal, we have developed an autonomous method of language learning, because immigrants belong to socio-economic disadvantaged groups and have no money or time available for attending expensive language courses. Our didactic approach is based on a book, audio and Internet combination following a modern immersion approach. This is a well-rounded approach that offers great flexibility to the learner because he has more options to get in some language study on his time. Having both a book component and the important Audio component means that his pronunciation and accent will be better than if he only had a pronunciation guide of a book to go on, he will have less difficulty understanding the language when he hears it in real life and he will have some experience working with the written language too. The most important factors for succeeding in foreign language learning are to be motivated enough and to have sufficient exposure to the real thing. That means that immigrants must be motivated by an attractive, flexible and easy to use method in order to learn quickly the languages of their host countries and at the same time they must use didactic material that is interesting itself and relevant to the kinds of things the learners will have to do when they are using the language. The learners must be exposed from the earliest stage to real-life dialogues in real –life situations.
Additional to language learning, the familiarization with elements of the history and culture of the host countries in a brief and interesting presentation will motivate immigrants and help them integrate faster to their new countries, improving at the same time their potential of employability.