Iberika is a private language school and educational institution based in Berlin

The institution employs seven full-time staff and between 20 and 30 seasonally dependent part-time staff. In this Project we will have working two persons from the full time staff and three teachers from the part time personnel. Around 160 students learn at Iberika every week.
For over ten years, Iberika has been teaching various minority languages alongside the languages of the Iberian peninsular. The teachers are native speakers as a matter of principle and have a degree in linguistics as well as an obligatory qualification in teaching. Iberika is authorised to set exams for all the European language certificates and is actively involved in the development of innovative teaching methodology as a member of many different umbrella organisations.
Iberika is a recognised educational institution for vocational further education programmes and gives specific vocational language courses in companies, not to mention further education in sociocultural issues and intercultural training. The native speaker background of the teachers guarantees that the culture of the respective destination country is always intensively communicated, too.
Courses in German as a foreign language represent an important focus of Iberika’s work. Berlin is a city where Turkish migrants count as a large part of the population.
Therefore numerous Turkish migrants are amongst Iberika’s students, many of them without any knowledge of German.
In addition to learning fundamental and everyday knowledge of the language, communicating German culture plays a crucial role in the courses for German as a foreign language. On the basis of its didactic concept as well as individual support, Iberika has actively aided migrants with their integration in Germany for many years.
Iberika often carries out these courses under contract from the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.
Iberika’s work is always based on an everyday European dimension; otherwise the close and trusted co-operation with over fifty partner schools would not be possible.
Iberika has already actively participated in mobility projects within the framework of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme several times and is thus familiar with European cooperation projects.