The institution is a non- governmental foundation of public utility established in 1998.

For the institution are working as full time personnel 22 persons. For our project will work five persons from the full time staff of the institution.
EXPERIENCE: The institution is the main refugee assisting NGO in Romania, working in close partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Representation in Romania. The mission of the Institution is to protect and promote through all legal means the human rights in general and the rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in particular. The specific objectives of the Association are: to protect the right to asylum and the exercise of that right during the refugee status determination and also to facilitate the integration of the refugees.
The Foundation provides social assistance as well as legal and medical counselling to asylum seekers and refugees free of charge. CNRR maintains a good co-operation with all governmental and non-governmental institutions for refugees and immigrants in Romania and abroad and is initiating public awareness and fundraising campaigns.
CNRR, through its Social Department, among many other important activities, is organising language courses for the asylum-seekers so that they can acquire the necessary knowledge for communication and help them integrate in the society. Also, the institution is creating a positive image of the refugees to the Romanian public and helps them surpass the physical and psychological trauma suffered in the country of origin and facilitating the integration in Romania.