Legal Basis

Legal basis for the European Union's general policy in education
Art. 149 of the Treaty of the European Union

"The community wishes to contribute in the development of quality education by encouraging cooperation between the member States and, if necessary, by supporting and completing their action while fully respecting the responsibility of the member States in the contents of the education and in the educational systems organisation, just as much as their cultural and linguistic differences."

Legal basis for the second phase of the Socrates programme and the Grundtvig action (2000-2006)

The Decision No. 253/2000/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing the second phase of the Community action programme in the field of education, "Socrates".
"As a complement to Action 1 (school education) and Action 2 (higher education), Grundtvig seeks to encourage the European dimension of life-long learning, to contribute - through enhanced transnational cooperation - to innovation and improved availability, accessibility and quality of other educational pathways, and to promote the learning of language.."

Legal basis for the first phase of the Socrates programme and the Adult Education action (1995-99)

The Decision No. 819/95/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council establishes the Socrates Programme, and more precisely, concerning the promotion of adult education in Europe.
"The European dimension is to be reinforced in all areas of adult education (general, cultural and social), by means of transnational cooperation and exchange of experience between adult education organisations and institutions."